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oFolio is a web based portfolio system that allows learners to demonstrate adherance to a set of professional standards. oFolio creates a website for an organization and provides the means for learners to create, edit and maintain portfolios via the web. Mentors and cohorts can view different parts of the portfolio. The material can even be published to the general public.

The philosophy behind oFolio is that content is what is important.

Learners concentrate on the standards of their profession, not the presentation of their web pages. If you seek a portfolio builder that caters to presentation over content you might take your search elsewhere.

oFolio web pages are automatically served in a clean crisp format that can be read by most modern web browsers. In fact the pages have standards of their own. The pages are optimized for quick delivery no matter what kind of connection it's users have.

An oFolio is dynamic. It draws from members in the learning community and reinforces introspection. An oFolio aids learning, it is not an obstacle. It helps mentors evaluate the learner's achievements and serves as a living resume for employment opportunities.